If you would like to adopt a cat from your local RSPCA you will need to have a Home Visit. Please contact the Cat Co-ordinator on 07926 364633 and leave a message giving your name, address and telephone number clearly so that we can return your call.  We contact everyone who wants to adopt

To adopt a Cat, we ask for a minimum donation of £60 – includes vaccination, neutering and micro chipping.

**Please note we cannot guarantee that a particular animal will be suitable for every adopter. In the best interest of the animal we reserve the right to refuse if the circumstances are not ideal for that animal.

List of available cats

This is just a selection of the cats that we have this month. We cannot guarantee that a particular cat will still be available for adoption, but we still have a great selection. Sometimes we name the cats while they are with us in the cattery but you are welcome to change it when you adopt. If you are interested in a particular cat please quote the reference number rather than the name.

C87 – James – middle aged, male cat

James is very affectionate.  He’s used to going out but is also clean in the house.  He’s really friendly and loves attention and cuddles.  He’s not fussy with his food.  We think James is about 6 or 7 years old.


C87 – Squeak – Kitten born end of July 2018

Squeak is a female kitten and is playful, friendly and likes being cuddled.  She is long haired which does mean she will need to be regularly brushed.  She is litter trained and eating well.


C26 – Dobbie -2 year old male cat

This tabby and white boy is friendly and affectionate.  He prefers a quiet home and an indoor life.  Hes not keen on other animals or younger children.  He is neutered and litter trained.  He loves his food.


C86 – Male Kitten born end of May 2018

This very friendly little man loves attention.  He’s playful and cheeky.  He’s litter trained and eating well and he’s already been neutered.


C89, C90, C91, C92 & C93 – Litter of kittens born end of June 2018

All 5 of the kittens in this litter are female and in good health.  They are weaned and eating ok and are used to being handled.  There are three tortoiseshells and two black ones.


C75 – 6 month old male cat

This sweet young boy is very affectionate and loves company and playing.  He’s used to being an indoor cat.  Long haired cats need lots of care to keep their coats tidy but they look beautiful and this chap loves being stroked.


C71 – Tigger – young adult male cat

Tigger is about 3 years old.  He likes attention, especially rubbing around his cheeks.  Tigger is not keen on loud noises so would prefer a home without young children.



C49 – Keith – Young adult male cat

Keith is affectionate and enjoys human company.  This handsome chap is about 2 years old and neutered.  He likes going outside and, like all our cats, is litter trained.  Keith is not used to living with other pets but is ok with children.  He likes both wet and dry cat food, and especially likes treats.  He used to hide when new people came into the cattery but now loves coming out and showing off.  He’s hard to photograph when he’s trying to rub his head on you!


C33 – Pretzel – Adult female cat

Pretzel can be a bit shy when she first meets people but she’s very friendly. Pretzel likes nesting and hiding under her blanket and looks really cute when she peeps out at people.  She is about 4 years old, she is used to children and likes to go outside.  She is spayed and litter trained.  Pretzel doesn’t like other cats however and she likes to be stroked and loves treats but is not happy about being picked up.



C65 – Roo – Young adult female.

This sweet, calm and friendly little cat would like a quiet home.  We think she is about a year old.  She has been spayed and is litter trained.  She loves affection and treats.