REHOMED – C32 – Herbert – Young adult male cat

Handsome Herbert is a very friendly chap, he loves treats and being stroked.  He doesn’t like dogs and we think would be best suited to someone very experienced with cats.  He likes the outdoor life and is litter trained.


REHOMED – C41 – Lilly – young adult female cat

Lilly is about 2 years old, she likes playing outside.  She is shy so would suit a quiet household.  She likes small dogs but not other cats.  She enjoys both pouches and biscuit food.  Lilly is litter trained too.


REHOMED – C40 – Bubble – Adult male cat

Bubble has had a bit of a hard life, he has one eye and only three legs!  He’s a lovely affectionate boy, about 6 years of age.  He would be suited to a mostly indoor life and he loves cuddles.  If you have a good home for friendly Bubble then please call us and leave us your details.


REHOMED – C16 – Lulu – Adult female cat

Lulu is very sweet and friendly although can be choosy who she likes, she enjoys being stroked and is ok with other cats.  Life in the cattery can be pretty dull so she likes to yawn, stretch and greet us when we visit her.  We think she’s about 6 years old.  She uses a litter tray but is also used to going outside.  If you have a good home for Lulu please call us on our cat adoption number 07926 364633. C16b









REHOMED – C35 – Sweetpea – Young adult female cat

Sweetpea is affectionate and loves attention, food and playing.  She does enjoy going outside but has mostly been an indoor cat.  She has just been spayed, we think she is 2 years old.


REHOMED – C10 – Lucy – Adult female cat.

Lucy is very affectionate and likes being stroked and groomed. She’s about 6 years old.  She uses a cat flap and is also litter trained.  She doesn’t get on with other animals however.  If you have a suitable home for Lucy please call us on our cat adoption number – 07926364633.



REHOMED – C11 – Dolly – Young adult female cat.

Black and white Dolly is 3 years old. She is very affectionate, friendly to humans and likes to go outside.  She would suit being the only pet in a household as she’s not keen on other cats or dogs.  We think she would also be better not to go into a house with young children.  If you have a home that would be suitable for Dolly and would like to adopt her then please call us on our cat adoption number; 07926 364633.



All REHOMED! C22,C23,C24,C25 & C27 – Litter of 5 kittens born November 2017

These 3 female and 2 male kittens are ready for new homes.  They need owners with plenty of time to handle them.  If you would like to adopt a kitten please call us on 07926364633.



REHOMED – C19 – Hector – Young male long haired cat.

Hector is a lovely affectionate and fluffy boy, he loves attention.  Long haired cats need to be regularly groomed to prevent their hair becoming knotty.  We think Hector is about 9 months old.  He’s quite confident so we think he’s ok with children and other cats and dogs.  He’s litter trained and neutered.  If you have a home for a gorgeous, playful little boy then call us on 07926 364633.



REHOMED C29 & C30 – Bella and Charlie – 2 adult cats

Bella and Charlie are siblings and neuterd.  They really like each other and were a bit sad when separated so we would like to try and keep them together.  They are friendly house cats and both are about 3 years old. If you would like to adopt them please call us on 07926 364633.